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Make The Holidays Brighter in London, Ontario! Christmas Lights that Don’t Need Any Maintenance or Removal

After building their new home in 2014, Lift Lighting London founder Cheryl Elgie and her husband Grant were excited to decorate for their first Christmas season but the tall peaks on their 2 story were just too daunting.The thought of climbing a ladder that tall was terrifying (and dangerous!) and then how would they get the lights back down? Leave them up for the rest of time and have the green wiring hanging around with plastic clips along the eaves? 

At that time, permanent lighting solutions weren’t available, so they just went without for the next 5 years. In late 2019 they started the search again and contemplated just a seasonal installation service but stumbled across the Celebright lighting system. It was a light bulb moment! (Pun intended). The Ottawa based company was looking to branch into southwestern Ontario and who doesn’t love working with local and Canadian companies. From there – Lift Lighting London was born.

Naturally, they started with installing the product on their own home first in August 2020. Putting up Christmas lights in August caught a lot of attention from anyone walking by and interest was piqued when they would learn it was permanent. The thought of never having to get on a ladder again to hang Christmas lights AND to be able to use them year-round –now we’re talking!

The Beginning of Lift Lighting London in Ontario

Cheryl officially launched Lift Lighting London in October 2020. With hundreds of installations completed,they are lighting up neighbourhoods all over the London and surrounding area. Their exceptional customer service, constantly striving for growth and development in their practices and curating an exceptional installation team has led Lift Lighting London to be North America’s #1 Authorized Celebright Dealer.

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Proudly Canadian, #1 Celebright Authorized Dealer in Canada