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Landscape lighting involves strategic placement of artificial light to enhance and illuminate outdoor spaces such as gardens, pathways, yards, or architectural features.

It provides not just visibility in the dark, but also to create a visually appealing and atmospheric environment.

Exterior Landscape Lighting Provides:

Aesthetic Enhancement: Highlight the beauty of your outdoor space by focusing light in specific elements such as trees, plants or sculptures.

Safety and Security: Enhance safety and security by illuminating paths and stairs.

Ambiance and Mood: Set the mood and ambiance of your outdoor space by adding soft, warm lighting to create cozy and inviting atmosphere, or add brighter, focused lighting for areas of entertaining.

Architectural Emphasis: Create a visually striking effect by using lighting to accentuate architectural features of your home including the fa├žade, columns, or unique design elements

Functional Zones: Apply task lighting to outdoor cooking areas, or use softer ambient lighting around seating or relaxation zones.

Energy Efficiency: Using LED lighting, there is no need to worry about energy consumption or longevity of exterior lighting fixtures.

Control Systems: Using the latest technology, outdoor lighting control systems allow for remote access to lighting via mobile apps or home automation systems.

London Landscape Lighting many lights
London Landscape Lighting
London Landscape Lighting field
London Landscape Lighting pot
London Landscape Lighting ground

Effective landscape lighting involves a thoughtful combination of various lighting techniques to achieve both functional and aesthetic goals, ultimately transforming outdoor spaces into visually appealing and functional areas, both day and night.

Many of Our Lighting Systems Include a 7 Year Comprehensive Warranty
We will be able to offer detailed 3D and 2D renderings of lighting plans to show day vs. night imaging (available for an additional fee, but deducted from final invoice).
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London Landscape Lighting garden
Landscape lighting on stairs
London Landscape Lighting tree

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